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We are the Tennessee Website Design Wizards! When it comes to contract software development, web based apps and website design our techniques and skills can’t be beat!  We aim to build killer web apps and sites that crush your competition; we will help your company Be The Best in your industry on the internet!  Using modern development techniques and tools, we know what it takes to build an application that is both innovative and scalable.  We work with a multitude of web development languages on the backend and frontend to craft beautiful programs.  Simply put, we just have fun building applications and are thrilled to do contract software development for you!  We want to help you get that leg up over your competition or break out into a new market with your startup idea.  Whether you need a new website or an awesome new feature to make your current site shine, we are the Tennessee Website Design Wizards!

We don’t just design websites, we develop software and apps specific to your site so you crush the competition!

Tennessee Website Design Wizards

Contract Software Development to Rise Above the Competition

We can work alongside our Gurus to develop amazing apps that will gain you notice over your competition.  We always make sure to increase your organic ranking on popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.Whether it’s a flashy navigation menu, a custom pizza builder, or a directory of related business, with our tools you will woo your customers and drive traffic to your site.  We will help you analyze your market and competition to pinpoint the features that will boost your business through software development!

If you are a contractor, imagine having a custom quoting system for building a home that would impress potential customers and draw them to prefer your business over others.  Or, if you are an online distributor for home improvement equipment and accessories, you could have a directory of contractors around your country right on your site, which would increase backlinks and traffic to your site!  Those are only a couple examples of the types of web development projects that the Tennessee Website Wizards can create for your business.  At Cafe Bacon, we are familiar with lots of markets and capable of building anything for anyone and that’s why they call us the Tennessee Website Design Wizards!

Dominate your competition with a custom designed website or unique web application, give us a call at 423-506-1551

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Tools of the Trade for Contract Software Development

At Cafe Bacon, we are extremely versatile and employ various tools and programming languages for contract software development.  We tend to favor open source technologies and languages, but we are ready to tackle any type of project!  Some of our favorite open source programming languages for developing include Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, and CoffeeScript.  In fact, all the flashy menus and animations you see on websites would not even be possible without JavaScript.

So, what are the benefits of open source?  These languages have solid software developer communities surrounding them, constantly contributing to them and making them better.  You do not always find rapid releases of newer features and improvements in other “enterprise” programming languages.  Therefore, the momentum behind the open source community is both a boon to us at Cafe Bacon and our customers because we can develop faster and better with newer features in the languages we love. Give the Tennessee Website Design Wizards a call today and let us start developing software for you!

Contract Software Development

Tennessee Website Design Wizards Explain The Magic of Software Development

Tennessee Computer Programming Software DevelopmentEven though web development might sound like magic, we want to be transparent about what we do and why it will help you.  This brief dissertation brought to you by the Tennessee Website Design Wizards will help explain some terminology you might hear us use in a meeting:

  • Backend – All the code and inner workings that happen on your web host
  • Frontend – All the code and design you actually see on your site
  • Object-oriented programming – A style of programming that encourages scalability
  • DRY – “Don’t Repeat Yourself” – A really important principle that software developers follow to ensure applications are more maintable
  • Testable – Software that can be easily tested to ensure it acts as expected
  • Scalable – Software that can easily grow with newer features
  • Design patterns – Different patterns for software development to increase maintainability and scalability

As a quick introduction, backend and frontend represent the code that happens on your web hosting server and code that happens on the browser, respectively.  We craft both to work in tandem to create a great web app experience.  Object-oriented programming (OOP for short) is a style of programming that we primarily employ to develop software that is testable and scalable.  The DRY principle reinforces OOP by encouraging programmers to not repeat the same code over and over but abstract it int something that is reusable and more maintainable.  Testable software ensures it can be tested for any bugs or issues that we do not want to occur for your customers.  Scalable software can easily grow and incorporate new features with no headaches or laborious code rewriting that costs you more money.  Finally, design patterns are additional techniques that we utilize in code to make it even more testable and scalable.  The short story is that all the magic means our contract software development is fast and quality-driven, meaning solid applications for you! The internet is growing every day, don’t wait, give the Tennessee website design wizards a call and let us help your company stand out above the rest.

We Are The Tennessee Website Design Wizards!

We are located in the heart of East Tennessee, so we are very close to Knoxville, Chattanooga, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, Morristown, Franklin, Brentwood, Smyrna, Murfeesboro, Cleveland, Dalton, Crossville, Cookville and Nashville.  We can offer onsite visits with our Tennessee clients, but we are available nationally for contract software development.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Tennessee Website Design Wizards today!

Contact Cafe Bacon today for a custom SEO, Software Development or Website Design quote based on your needs, 423-506.1551 or [email protected]

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